Patience Is A Virtue…..

Patience is a virtue.

Patience is a virtue.

Patience is a virtue.

This is an old, old mantra of mine.  Ever since the father god/ancestor/divine Spoke to me in a moment of utter need.  I can see that, for as much as I have required  to become bonded with my female divine, it will soon be necessary and proper to reconnect with him, as well.

Patience is a virtue.

I have not been very virtuous of late. 

And now I have been opened to a new hope, a new connection that I had noticed but never crossed paths with, until this past weekend.

Oh, my.

Too soon.  It is just too soon.  I am not even securely out of this entanglement, and already I am into three more!  I had said I wanted to date, and that I was not adverse to dating more than one person at a time while I a) honed my dating skills, b) determined what I truly wanted out of a relationship, c) taught myself how to look for the red flags and actual pay attention to them, d) allow myself the fun of meeting and dating without having to become emotionally, long term involved. 

Flirting, check.  Having fun, check.  Taking some risks, check.  Not planning on jumping in to some ‘permanent’ attachment.  Check. 


Who is this?  How interesting!  How lovely to talk with!  How similar and yet so much to learn!  How much of a challenge to improve my own self, look to my own growth, increase my own talents rather than down play them or set them aside! 

Wait.  What?  No!  Not now!  I’m not ready!  Too soon, far too soon!  I thought I would have rebounds, and trials, and quiet interludes, and discreet rendezvous!

And if I wait, and it passes by?

Then it was meant to pass by.

Patience is a virtue.

I wonder what the mother will have to say.  He did write me a letter in my dream, after all.  How he was committed to someone but that commit did not extend to his body, and how he wanted to see me and hoped that was enough, and how thrilled I was that this could be all that we both needed.  And water flooding, and Freudian working for mob bosses and all that imagery entails, and sneakily defeating said mob boss and his secrets, and many more images than I could recall.

Signs and portents. 

I wonder if he likes anise tea.


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