Daily Prayers

Dear Cosmic Consciousness:

I pray that humans damage each other a little less today than yesterday.  And a little less tomorrow than today. And even less the day after that.  The universe is dangerous enough.  In our loving, enlightening state, might we heal each other more, and help each other recover from life’s pains and vagaries.

Dear Cosmic Consciousness:

I pray that I accept my magic today.  I realize this may entail a leap into the insanity of faith.  I realize that my logic and my linear sense of self may not know how to accept without evidence.  I pray that I will create my own evidence that I accept my magic whole heartedly, embrace it with love, and use it with wisdom.

Dear Cosmic Consciousness:

The love I seek,   He must be:


Well educated.

Basically honest.

Generally respectful.

Able to be patient with me.

Gently calls me on my bullshit.

Lives the skill of communicating.

Knows magic exists and energy is mutable.

Gently challenges me to improve my own self.

Who likes to spend time together, and time apart.

Takes care of the temple which is his physical form.

Open to gently being challenged to improve and grow.

Willing to play some of the same computer games I play.

Practices logical, loving, respectful limits and boundaries.

Open to giving and receiving love and admiration from others.

Must love animals, lots of them, but not spoil them to utter distraction.

Aware of his past pains and conditioning and actively striving to become more.

Accepting of his inner darkness and unafraid to confront his demons.

Of an age where we can share a life without undue difficulty.

Able, a worker and doer and thinker of deep thoughts.

Physically and emotionally compatible with me.

Scientific, rational, able to be reasoned with.

Willing to be sexually playful with me.

Seeking honesty and real love in life.

Who values what I have to offer.

Values what he has to offer.

Open of mind and heart.

A wounded healer.

A seeker.

A start.

Dear Cosmic Consciousness:

I search for my power name, my witch name, my sorceress self, my soul’s breath song.  I put this desire into concrete form and energetically imbue it with the resonance to open my heart, mind, and spirit to receive the name by which I shall know myself in my circles of power, my meditations, my craft, my energetic state.  I shall seek the return in signs, words, coincidence, and hope that it will be a clear signal from me/we, to me/we.

Let it be so.

Dear Cosmic Consciousness:

I demonstrate respect for myself and others, thus I draw respect to me.  I create solid friendship, thus I draw deep friendships to me.  I exude confidence and serenity from within me, thus I draw confident and serene people to me.  I emanate light and joy, thus I draw light and joy to me.  I walk a creative path, thus I draw creativity to me.  I display strength and vision from within me, thus I draw strength and vision to me.  I shine magic and wisdom from within me, thus I draw magic and wisdom to me.  I embrace true love from within me, thus I draw true love to me.  I draw the divine from within my essence, thus I draw the divine to me.

Manifest.  Manifest.  Manifest.


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