Worlds Within Worlds

I am:

of many worlds, a multidimensional vibration interlaced and patterned so as to appear here, now, ever was and ever will be. 

I am:

a writer of hard science fiction, scientific fantasy, and the occasional meandering into philosophy all writings both short and long, a practicing solitary greenwitch/sorceress, a mother and tender of gardens, a passionately perpetual student and teacher, a poor poet, a timid rider of horses and speaker of animal, a damaged old soul wandering the planet in search of love and sanity, who currently collects my credits as an IT monkey.

I am:

wounded, horrified, burning, shamed, peeling back the layers of what I was to reveal what I might have been, hopeful, singing my selfsong spells, dancing beneath the full moon, rising wraithlike from my ashes.

I am.


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