Spy Dreams And Intricacies

I had one of my cool type of dreams, so intricate and like a movie it is hard to write it all down.  So much information, so much action, so many characters, so many thoughts and plots and twists and turns.

I had somehow fallen in with intelligence agents.  It started off with a strange set of people I was watching, not really with.  They were sort of tourists, in an RV.  The RV was parked, yet the group wasn’t really together, rather elderly people, a couple of older men, maybe three older women.  One of the women started acting strangely, like a dog looking for a place to poop, and what do you know, she pulled down her pants in the grassy area in front of the RV, and began pooping.  It was quite disconcerting, what is up with that strange old woman? and she was having great difficulty pooping at all, like she needed people to see something was wrong, at least, her body did, because her mind seemed pretty weirded out already.  The other people seemed a bit shocked by her behavior as well.

Then it gets fuzzy, because so much was happening, but the next clear moment in memory occurred when I was speaking with the intelligence agents, a nice, rather intense man, his partner, another man, I guess sort of a group like in Dumbledore’s office when they went to arrest him.  Anyway, we were discussing what might have been causing her odd behavior in relation to the investigation he was pursuing.  I was trying to determine what biological agents might create such a need to poop without being able to and to do so in public.  We were thinking poisons.  There was something about investigating poisons, people were dying in unusual circumstances but nothing could be found.  I offered to have them check my blood since I had been in the area to see if there was anything in it that might provide a clue, but I knew that tests were pretty specific and if they didn’t know what they were looking for, they were unlikely to find much. 

There was something about phosphates in the blood, loading the blood.  This came up a couple of times.  Hypothesized there could be a dual agent, as well as some way in which two chemicals could be introduced differently into a person which, only when the second one was introduced would the toxic poisoning take place.  I recall thinking very deeply and scientifically in the dream, enjoying how the thoughts came together.  I wasn’t one of their agents, but I was helping, and they were listening, and taking my brain seriously.

At some point there was something about loading the blood with a chemical, phosphates again I think, so that when an airborn poison was released, which would disrupt oxygen uptake in the blood, then the phosphates would already have stored oxygen and would keep supplying the heart muscle so that it wouldn’t die.  OK, I missed the brain dying issue, oh well.

So, the intelligence agent was going to go in search of the bad guys.  We discussed that there were three likely candidates of people he needed to bewary of, and I counted them off on my fingers:  1.  The red haired man he had already been f0llowing, 2.  The ‘poopy’ lady, and we laughed at this, interesting that I kept that line of thought through the dream, and I don’t think we ever got to discussing the third person.  He left, and something about some shops which were closed but I went into the back, looking for something, then realized people were talking back there and tiptoed out so very quietly so they wouldn’t know I had been there. 

Then, the ‘poopy’ lady and another woman came into the picture, somehow they were trying to make the intelligence man believe that the poopy lady was his wife.   They had drugged him somehow, and I knew they were going to use the one-two punch poison on him.  I was trying to take care of him, had some chicken soup, which looked sort of like the dog food I had given the dog the night before in real life, but as I was going to raise the spoon to his lips I realized that they could have put the second toxin in the soup and that by trying to take care of him I was actually going to kill him myself.  Or the water bottle.  Or anything.  I simply had to get him out of there and find out what was in his blood.

Images I cannot place, of being in that SUV, in that shop, of threats by the two women, of walking around outside and first meeting the intelligence agents, of discussing how intelligent I was and I would be happy to help any way I could and not being dismissed.  Enjoying the flow of thoughts in my brain, actually being able to think logically and scientifically about the issue and using chemical reasoning, even in the dream.  And a house, with a sunroom which was overshadowed by the upstairs apartments, which was really my house still but a row house, so I was sad about the lack of real sun for a sunroom.  And the RV, parked outside where I was trying to get to the intelligence agent, and knowing I was in danger when the women tried to pretend they were his relations to get close to him.  So many scenes, so much happening.

Very cool.

I see many possibilities for Freudian and perhaps even Jungian motivations int he dream.  It was far too complex and extensive to really understand, though.  Mostly it was an odd, lowkey, even black comedy sort of action adventure to enjoy.


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