Signs From The Skies

I saw a falling star this morning, in the predawn hours. 

It was very bright, and very beautiful.  It fell South East of here.  I don’t think it hit the ground, but it could have.  It was very large. 

This relationship began with a vision of a falling star hitting this city.  Destroying it.  Destroying him, and destroying me.  I don’t know if I was supposed to interpret that sign, that vision, as I did.  Maybe it was to scare me off, and I misunderstood.  A warning, never an invitation.  ‘All past evils once again my own,’ as my poem goes.  The evils I avoided.   The evils of using, of allowing someone else to control me as external control, back then.  I didn’t think I was doing that again.  Maybe I was.

Well, that is unacceptable.

South East.  Where his family lives.  His father, the man he emulates, the way he treats me as his father treated his mother.  I wonder what the star was trying to tell me.

If I listen closely, I hear the warning.  BEWARE.  BEWARE.  Take caution with how you speak, how you behave today.  Wisdom has come to you, be cautious.  Be aware.  Be wary.  As surely as you were destroyed in the vision, he can destroy you. 

The cruel glint in his eye as he spoke to me last night.  My staff of knowledge.  The falling star of disaster, of evil portent, or coming upheaval.  I have been looking to see falling stars for a couple of years now, and I see a large one, predawn, now.

I wonder what the sign means.

HEY!  UNIVERSE!  If you haven’t figured it out by now, I wasn’t raised with proper training on reading signs and portents.  I could really use a bigger rod of knowledge, ya know what I mean?  Ok, not too heavy, nor painful, but without ambiguity would be preferable.

I will do my best to listen.

Please show me, while I am in the frame of mind to listen.

I am listening…..


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