oh gods

trigger trigger trigger oh my gods meltdown in the bathroom screaming screaming screaming but i can’t make a sound quiet quiet good girls be quiet shut up shut up oh gods i hurt meltdown meltdown i wish he were dead i wish i had never taken him to the emergency room i wish he would just die in a car accident or shot by some pimp or have a stroke and go away go away never come again it hurts it hurts it hurts oh gods i can’t believe this is my life trigger trigger trigger trigger trigger i wish i were dead i wish he were dead i wish he could hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt disgust pain evil cruel filthy lying ohgods ohgods ohgods ohgods ohgods evil never pay never never never others always pay for them i pay i pay i hurt ihurt why why why why why he did this he did this he did this i cant believe this OH MY FUCKING GODS IT HURTS SO BAD I CANT BELIEVE HE DID THIS HE MUST LOVE HURTING PEOPLE I HURT I HURT I HURT I HOPE HE IS ENJOYING MY PAIN I HURT I HURT I HURT my beautiful husband with whores over and over and then in me and over and over and i hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt


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