I Am A Soul. I Have A Body.

I get it.  I get it.

For this moment, I get it.

I must document while I have that feeling.

We are.

I am that I am.

I am because I am.

If I do not like what is happening in my life, walk away.  Change my channel.  Leave.  Leave life entirely if I choose, but not from angst and being driven from life in frenzy.  Choose to leave, move on with a new incarnation, merely from knowing that I DON’T HAVE TO BE ANYWHERE, DO ANYTHING, BE WITH ANYONE.  If this, whatever THIS is, does not fit with the resonance I choose, choose something else.  Yes, that may mean leaving everything, everyone, behind.  But that is a choice I can make.  If I am merely,and overarchingly, a soul, a soul with a body; the soul comes first, the body second.  If the soul wishes otherwise, than go, be, do otherwise.

I get it.

No fretting.  No sorrow.  No pain.  Just quietly walk away, turn my face and attention elsewhere, move along the stream of life and look for my joy in another place, another location, another thought, another choice. 

Utter detachment.  Nothing matters for matter is nothing.  No person, no thing, no wish is so dire that I will pine without it.  All wishes are experiences, and all experiences can be extended, or I may remove myself. 

I am because I am.

I wonder how long this feeling will last before the need to eat, or to sleep, or to stay warm, or to speak with a friendly face take over again.

But, for this moment, I get it.


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