Deep Thought

I have not time today to muse all the thoughts I wish.  I must jot them down and review them in depth later.

1.  He does not see me.  He asked about the trees, and when I put them in.  All the various thoughts which coursed through my head, and all the answers I could have chosen.  Do I speak to the child or the half man?

2.  Shadows I face.  What shadows did I project on to him that could have brought me here?  Is it possible for one person’s shadows to override another person’s positive projections?  Or am I doomed due to my own failings?

3.  Poetry.  I was given the gift of poetry from a stranger.  Such a wondrous magic in this world that can touch from nowhere to everwhere.  I am blessed.

4.  Dancing along.  My dancing ground progresses, and I would look inside myself for all that means to me.  It is wondrous, and I hope to invite others to my blessing.

5.  I dream in Tarot.  Do I always?  Can I find those images throughout my dreams?  Would that lessen my joy of them?


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